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Enewsletter - Coronavirus Update 38 – the second wave hits our shores

This update was posted in the afternoon of November 24, 2020. The situation is rapidly changing. Please check the Canada, Nova Scotia and Halifax websites for the most up to date information.
You can also check out my recently updated COVID-19 resources, with information on current Government Response, Individuals & Families, Business as well as Links to Resources including key social media to follow.

Coronavirus Update 38 – the second wave hits our shores.

Hi all,
As you are probably aware that today the government of Nova Scotia announced new measures to help control the spread of Coronavirus.
I have included both the provincial and Halifax press releases below but in short:
New rules announced for Halifax- the following are closed for at least 2 weeks.
Everyone at a gathering over 5 will be fined $1000 not just the host. Thank you Dr. Strang & Premier for responding to D7 resident’s concerns!
I encourage residents to call police non-emergency 902.490.5020 to report public health order violations.
I support everything I am hearing from Dr Strang and the Premier McNeil around these new restrictions. Based on other provinces’ slow response, this is more than I expected and is actually pretty much everything I hoped for.
You may remember me repeatedly talking over the last 8 months about the Hammer and the Dance. We are now dancing like lives depend on it.
Steps like this are what we need to stop this second wave.
Before I get to the details I have two things to say.
Don’t look for loopholes.
Like any other minimum standard, what the government announced today is the least you should do. Do more, if you can.
So this means – don’t go the house in Chester, or the cottage, or your mum’s place in the country, if you are lucky enough to have those things. Don’t drive the valley for the day to eat and do some shopping. Don’t skirt the gathering limits. If we all really really stay away from each other we will see the numbers move in the right direction in 10-14 days.
But we all need to do our part. No one is special, no one is exempt.
That said, do what you have to do. Go to the doctors, go to school, go to work, but wash your hands, wear a mask, maintain physical distance, and install the app on your phone. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19/covid-alert.html
And finally as Dr Strang said today “Turn your fear and anxiety around and say ‘what am I gonna do to bring a sense of control for myself and a sense of control for my community’?”
We have a lot of people in need in our community. Businesses desperate for an order for delivery, charities who need cash to help those in need, international and even Canadian students who are going to be stuck here for the holidays, seniors and others who are cut off from their families.
What can you do to ease another’s burden? I urge you to think about what help you can offer, as you are able, to help support others in our community.
Together we will get through this.
I had a lot of other non-covid stuff to put in a newsletter but I’m going to hold that until later this week, as much of it is likely to change as events cancel.
Be kind, be patient, and take care of each other.
If you use an Android phone, the covidalert app has an important update that you might have to manually install from the Google app store. This is very important because it looks like, despite the little green thumbs-up, the app hasn’t been checking for exposures on many Android systems. The update is supposed to address this. Go into Google Play, click on installed apps, and check to make sure you have the latest version.
Nova Scotia – New Restrictions to Reduce Spread of COVID-19
release here: https://novascotia.ca/news/release/?id=20201124004
Halifax – Response to COVID-19: Update to facility bookings and recreation programming
release here: https://www.halifax.ca/home/news/response-covid-19-update-facility-bookings-recreation-programming
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[ROLEPLAY] April 4th, 2038 - Black Watch

Black Watch

The Bay of Light
April 4th, 2038 - 23:49
Shearwater, Canada
From the coast of Shearwater the lights of Halifax skipped across the Bay mingling with the stars reflecting off the water. As the largest Maritimes city and a hub for Wrestling Culture, Halifax had rapidly reversed it's poor fortunes and now the "Casino Nova Scotia" stood out as a beacon, renovated during the 2030s as part of a "Wrestling Revitalization Program" and blaring music and lights which skimmed along the water until breaking at the northern shores of the greater Halifax-Dartmouth area. Holograms of famed Maritime Wrestlers such as Dave Finlay and Sheamus danced along the Bay, skipping back and forth, adverts for the most recent program by Fundy Wrestling and the UWF.
However for Alec Mackinnon the Bay was a blessing acting as the no mans land while the floodlights of Base Shearwater and the lights of Halifax fought a nightly battle for dominance. Throughout most of the year these two bustling locations used for very different purposes would commit a "mock war" fighting for dominance over the Bay. The lights of Halifax shining and in many cases beating those of Shearwater, before fireworks perceived as taunting jeers launched like clockwork from Casino Nova Scotia, signaling the start of a Wrestling Event. For the men of Shearwater, April was an especially active month as it signaled the beginning of "The People's Month" one of the many national holidays instated during the early 20s. And like everywhere across Canada, the people celebrated.
And while the roads of the West such as Highway 1 among others would clutter with cars as people made their monthly pilgrimages to the nearest Wrestling Dome, for Halifax a naval city, it was the Bay that filled up with small boats. The lights of yachts, fishing vessels, and pleasure crafts began to dance across the Bay, so many that one could practically walk across a bridge of boats from Halifax to Shearwater. These vessels all holding spectators to the People's Slam Event being broadcasted via hologram onto the center of the Bay. However to those in Shearwater it simply looked like another complication for a night that was leading into morning drills, as there was no chance the several hundred vessels would all have cleared out of the Bay in the morning.
Jay Donahue: Alec, time to switch. I've got next watch.
It took Alec a moment to break from his trance, mesmerized by the lights flirting over the Bay.
Jay Donahue: Alec. Did you hear me?
Alec Mackinnon: Huh? Yeah, thanks. Nothing to report, standard stuff really.
Jay Donahue: How'd we do this time?
Alec Mackinnon: Lost again, as usual.
Jay Donahue: Oh well, tough to beat people who actually get to fire off their explosives.
Alec Mackinnon: Haha, yeah. Just one time you know? One time i'd like to fire a Sunbeam across the Bay.
Jay Donahue: Never gonna happen. But yeah, I get it.
Alec Mackinnon: Mmkay well, I leave it to you to carry on the fight.
Alec handed Jay the control for the Southwest Tower's floodlight as he got up and started down the open air stairs of the guard tower. The lights of battle carrying on as Jay took up the fight against the Holographic Wrestlers. Yet just before reaching the final step, the lights within the base which had previously illuminated his step down, went dark.
Alec Mackinnon: Very funny Jay. You can turn the lights back on now.
Jay Donahue: That wasn't me...
Alec Mackinnon craning his head to look up towards the tower, quickly realized that he could see the stars. Not just as muddled lights amid holograms, but he could see them clearly. Racing up the steps, he joined Jay in disbelief as across the Bay only the lights of the various civilian boats continued to light the way.
Then along the walls of Base Shearwater, red flood lights turned on.
Alec Mackinnon: Did we get scheduled for an emergency drill?
Jay Donahue: No, that was last month.
Alec Mackinnon: Then it has to be an actual emergency.
Jay Donahue: Or a mistake by the electrical engineers.
Before Jay could even get a reply, Alec was already down the stairs and halfway to the main building. But without warning the brightest hologram ever witnessed in Halifax appeared over the Bay, illuminating the grounds of Shearwater and the Halifax-Dartmouth coastline both. The figure? Undeniably the People's Champion and National Champion, Maxime Bernier.
Maxime Hologram: Fellow Canadians...it is with deep regret that I announce the fall of the United States of America as we know it.
Alec barely had enough time to stop and turn before the Hologram began speaking.
Maxime Hologram: At approximately 00:00 hours, the "American Coalition" declared unilateral independence and formation of the American Republic.
Jay Donahue: Alec...it's happening...
Maxime Hologram: Coinciding with this declaration, the American Republic has initiated an immediate and widesweeping invasion of the United States of America, attacking all aspects of the United States.
Alec knew he had to get inside, but his run to the building had slowed as he tried to prolong his stay outside to hear the hologram of Maxime.
Maxime Hologram: Effective immediately, we have entered into Defense Plan One, civilians are being instructed to return to their homes and follow the instructions given under Operation Open Road.
Alec Mackinnon: Holy shit...
Kyle Dobrev: Alec! Jay! Let's go. Get your asses in here now!
Alec now joined by Jay, quickly ran into headquarters for what was about to be the night of their lives. The hologram of Maxime Bernier now playing on repeat as the remaining lights on the Bay began dispersing.
Six Feet Down
April 5th, 2038 - 01:30
Shearwater, Canada
It had been under two hours since the initiation of Defense Plan One, and Alec Mackinnon and the rest of the Black Watch stood at attention on the wind swept airfields of Shearwater. Behind them, engines of the V-32s carrying members of their sister regiment the East Watch began firing as they prepared to take off. Alec looked onward as the East Watch marched past towards the Hummingbirds, prepared for war. The Colonel of the East Watch stopping just long enough to say goodbye to the Colonel of Black Watch.
Colonel Dahlin (East Watch): First Into Hell.
Colonel Van Neer (Black Watch): Six Feet Down.
Colonel Dahlin shook Colonel Van Neer's hand who nodded in farewell, before giving a final salute to the men of Black Watch who still stood at attention, while cold wind whipped their faces. And as the last of the Hummingbirds took off, the runway was quickly filled once more with C130J Super Hercules ready to take the Black Watch.
Colonel Van Neer: Men of the Black Watch.
Colonel Van Neer turned to his men, who still despite the cold, stood at attention.
Colonel Van Neer: Our sister regiment is gone. We will be joining them shortly. You all have been briefed but let's see if you all remember.
Alec stood alongside his brothers in arms, prepared to deliver their answer.
Colonel Van Neer: Who are we?
The Black Watch: The Black Watch!
Colonel Van Neer: Where are we?
The Black Watch: Standing Above Hell!
Colonel Van Neer: Where are we going?
The Black Watch: Six Feet Down!
Colonel Van Neer: Let's get going.
With a final hoorah the soldiers of Black Watch took off running to the C130Js, and with a quick flip of a switch the engines roared to life and the Wings of Hercules touched air.
By morning the Bay would be empty, save for the Canadian Atlantic Fleet making it's way out of Shearwater into the open Ocean. And across the country, no pilgrimage would occur.
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New Years Eve Events In HRM

Post NYE HRM Events here!
I'll try to keep this updated. Many events are extremely diverse, so if you have attended one in the past, let us know why you would or wouldn't go again!
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Feel The Heat 2011 Halifax Casino #18 Danny Green Celebrates Canada Day and the NBA Championship in Halifax with Tidal League Three's A Party Tour - Announcement Elaine’s Carpool Zumba Rouge Fatale (song clip) @ Casino Nova Scotia, July 2013 Natal Day Fireworks in Halifax 2013 Bad Drivers of Nova Scotia 39 Halifax Christmas Tree Lighting 2018 - My Halifax Winning Money At Casino Rama 2012 Savour food & wine Show: Casino Nova Scotia - Nick Thomas (Sous Chef)

Casino Nova Scotia Halifax Events, casino missouri joplin, free poker texas holdem download, poker brick and mortar-Free Spins. Wager. €100. 0. ZulaBet . 886-SIGN UP! 96.6% 5 /5. November 4, 2019-100% up to £500 + 50 Casino Nova Scotia Halifax Events free spins at Casimba . Receive a 100% match on your first deposit at Casimba, all the way up to £500! You will also receive 50 Casino Nova ... This is due to a Random Casino Nova Scotia Sydney Events Number Generator contained within the game’s software. This software cycles through millions of numbers continuously. The outcome of a Casino Nova Scotia Sydney Events spin is automatically determined by the RNG at the time you hit the spin button, making it impossible to predict in advance whether you’ll win or lose. The same random ... Casino Nova Scotia Events. MATT MINGLEWOOD BAND. Event Date: Sat, May-8-2021 Event Time: 8:00 pm: Find Tickets. AT CASINO NOVA SCOTIA, HALIFAX Reserved Seating Patrons must be 19 years or older . A TRIBUTE TO ELVIS. Event Date: Fri, Jun-18-2021 Event Time: 8:00 pm: Find Tickets. AT CASINO NOVA SCOTIA, HALIFAX Reserved Seating Patrons must be 19 years or older . TERRY FATOR (Saturday July 17 ... Events and Tickets. Event Type. Name. Venue. Grid List. HALIFAX MOOSEHEADS HOCKEY (postponed until Jan 23) ... Casino Nova Scotia - Schooner Room Read More. BUY TICKETS. THE CLAIRVOYANTS. Casino Nova Scotia - Schooner Room Read More. BUY TICKETS. JANN ARDEN (postponed) Scotiabank Centre Read More ... Read Casino Nova Scotia Events 2020 More -Lithuania-52. 100%. Over 800 Casino Games; Live Casino Games; Mobile Ready; 783. Free Spins. 35x. 100%. Wager. Serengeti Diamonds % Bonus. Connect--18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. 30. Country Restrictions. Read our full review. 2. 508. Visit casino 150. 100% . Casilando. Gamble Responsibly BeGambleAware.org. Your Password was changed successfully ... Casino Nova Scotia Sydney will remain open. Great Canadian is committed to providing a safe environment for both its guests and team members and introduced significant health and safety protocols as part of the reopening of the Company’s properties in Ontario and New Brunswick on September 28, 2020, followed by its properties in Nova Scotia on October 5, 2020. Gold Level. Players who have earned between 10,000 and 39,999 points during the qualification period are in our Gold level. Gold players receive special benefits including: NOTICE: Many events listed here have been canceled or postponed due to the Covid-19 emergency. It is best to call ahead or check with organizer's websites to verify the status of any local event. Change Location × Halifax, NS. Where do you want to go? Recent Locations. Home / Venues / The Harbourfront, Casino Nova Scotia Schedule; The Harbourfront, Casino Nova Scotia Halifax Track Share. 1 of ... Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax will be reopening at 12pm on Monday, January 11 with a reduction in business hours. The casino will offer slot machines along with limited table games and food with beverage EVENTS. Home; Celtic Junction; Gaming; Promotions; Players Club; Community Support; Contact; No menu assigned! Home; Celtic Junction; Gaming; Promotions; Players Club; Community Support; Contact ; Widget Area 1. Click here to assign a widget to this area. Widget Area 2. Click here to assign a widget to this area. Widget Area 3. Click here to assign a widget to this area. Halifax Casino; View ...

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Feel The Heat 2011 Halifax Casino #18

My Halifax is all about things to do in Halifax, Nova Scotia. If you just want to visit Halifax or you live here full time, this vlog is here for you! Find out about Halifax events, fundraisers or ... Bad driving in the Halifax and Dartmouth area, Nova Scotia. Recent NBA Champion & Toronto Raptor, Danny Green was in Halifax with Tidal League to host an unforgettable Canada Day party at Casino Nova Scotia. Hundreds of fans showed up to celebrate the ... Nick Thomas, Sous Chef at Casino Nova Scotia, demonstrates how to create maple roasted cedar plank salmon, green bean almondine and steak potato wedges! Category Travel & Events Halifax firefighters annual calendar selection competition took place April 29th at the Halifax Casino on the beautiful Halifax waterfront this year. It was a wonderful event to raise charity for ... Casino Rama is one of Ontario's casino resorts that has everything you would need - restaurants, accommodations, and entertainment . We check out our hotel room, have a fantastic dinner at St ... Three's A Party Tour Oct 30th - Nov 29th 2915 Featuring: Jason Blaine, Tebey, & James Otto www.threesapartytour.com DATE CITY VENUE Oct 30 Halifax, NS Casino Nova Scotia Oct 31 Barrie, ON Roxy ... Fireworks shot from the MacDonald Bridge in Halifax, NS August 3rd, 2013. halifax pride. great night :) event detail: http://halifaxpride.com/portfolio/rouge-fatale-and-friends-sunday-july-21/ The event is celebrating its 7th year this February 17th, 2019. Zumba enthusiasts gather for two hours at Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax and dance for two hours after raising money for the ...