In pictures: Cover designs for Fleming's Casino Royale

In pictures: Ian Fleming liked his double agent hero to be well dressed at all times, which extended to his designing the cover of his first book himself. Here we collect six Casino Royale covers Casino Royale Poster. Entire book poster. Publisher - Spineless Classics. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Poster. Entire book poster. Publisher - Spineless Classics. Casino Royale Cover Print. Art by Michael Gillette. Live and Let Die Cover Print. Art by Michael Gillette. Moonraker Cover Print . Art by Michael Gillette. Diamonds 18.11.2013 - Robert McGinnis poster of the original Casino Royale. This movie tie-in cover for Charles K Feldman’s 1967 spoof film of Casino Royale uses the psychedelic Robert McGinnis art from the film posters. This style truly reflected the 1960s. McGinnis Free Casino Royale Blu-Ray DVD Cover (2006) ready to download and print. Free online blu-ray movie dvd covers art archive database. It is not known why the new artwork was commissioned, but perhaps having 'James Bond 007' so central to the original art, when MGM probably wanted some distance from the official series, may have been a factor. The words James Bond and 007 are nowhere to be seen on the updated DVD and Blu-Ray covers. Robert McGinnis 'Casino Royale' 2002 DVD artwork 23.5 x 30.5 inches, gouache and pencil on The Horowitz prequel to 'Casino Royale' gets official cover art By MI6 Staff. Share The Story. Today Ian Fleming Publications formally revealed the cover art for Anthony Horowitz's new James Bond continuation novel. Following on from his critically received ‘Trigger Mortis’ is this year’s ‘Forever And A Day’, also drawing on unused material from Ian Fleming. The story begins as 007 Custom Casino Royale Movies box art cover. Reza 40 [ 1 decade ago ]. Wow, just, wow! Not only does the art style here reflect the art style of the period the movie was made, but it fits really, really well too!!! Casino Royale Poster. Entire book poster. Publisher - Spineless Classics. The entire book is printed on a single page, wrapped around the design and featuring the author’s logo and signature. This design is a single sheet measuring 700 x 1000mm (27 9 / 16 in x 39 3 / 8 in). Printed on heavyweight paper in sharp, lightfast ink which will not fade. This is the classic novel that introduced The Casino Royale collector’s edition will be released on DVD and Blu-ray, retailing for $29.95 and $38.96, respectively. The new cover artwork also advertises the fact that this release will include over seven hours of special features, putting it on par with the original Die Another Day DVD and improving greatly from the 90 minutes of extras that were on the first Casino Royale release.

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