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Security Cameras Casino Heist

What setup do I need to do to be able to see the security cameras on my mini map?
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2021 Best Canadian Casino Gambling Resources and Casinos

2021 Best Canadian Casino Gambling

Best resource for gambling in Canada, both online and physical casinos:
Canadian Casino Gambler: https://www.CanadianCasinoGambler.ca
Best online casinos:
Canada Casino Reviews (online and physical) as well as hidden camera casino footage:
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2020 Best Canadian Casino Gambling

Best resource for gambling in Canada, both online and physical casinos:
Canadian Casino Gambler: https://www.CanadianCasinoGambler.ca
Best online casinos:
Canada Casino Reviews (online and physical) as well as hidden camera casino footage:
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If you're doing the Silent & Sneaky approach at the Casino... DON'T SHOOT THE CAMERAS ON THE OUTSIDE. Stun them or run close to the wall to avoid them

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Resident Evil Resistance! Why I truely believe masterminds are underpowered.

Hello all, thanks for taking the time to read this, before I get started be aware I dont have that great spelling even though English is my first language and that I've never used reddit for posts and I only have a ps4 + Mobile. I will also be referring this post as all characters are 24 levels and higher, making it so they have max points/equipment slots!
Character Equipment Balance*** All characters have 15 points they can spend on their build, this includes masterminds and each player on the surviving team. This makes decks very interesting for survivors, for masterminds however, it's what is very necessary for the deck. What I mean by this is the cost efficiency of points is far more strict on mastermind rather than split for both teams. For example;
Survivor Equipment (×/×/× is costs)***
2/4/6 - FevePersonal Skill CDinfection resistance
2/3 - EMP Rounds/ Damage towards traps/increase healing items for you character.
2/4 - Crit Chance/Knock Back.
2/3/5 - Increase Crit Damage.
1/2/3 - Door Damage/Security Device Speed/improved melee weapon durability after repair.
3/5/7 Damage with firearms/Damage with Melee weapons/Max Hp.
1/2/4 start with some ammo.
1/3/5 start with some credits.
2/3/4 increase credits pick up.
As you can tell it's missing all cards but these are in my opinion are the most used intearms of variety so many options to test and enjoy.
Mastermind Equipment *** 3/5/7 - Max HP for Creatures/Creature damage/EXPLOSIVE Damage/Weapon damage
2/4/6 - Infection rate/Time to arm traps/Camera durability/Camera control whilst under attack/Door durability/Bio weapon skill duration/Bio weapon damage/Bio Core reduce damage
5/-/- - slightly increase Infection rate & slight increase creature damage/Movement speed increases for creatures/Moderately increases Bio energy recharge rate.
As you can see both have drastically different Equipment costs between both team even though they both have 15 points but survivors have it for all individual survivors against 1 mastermind. Also what I have knowticed is that Mastermind doesn't have many equipment cards or if any to counter some survivor equipment cards;
Enemy knockback, only Daniel has something to counter this.
Critical chance & Damage - Good luck with anyone aswell as Becca.
Security Device Speed - again only Spencer can reduce. Personal Skill & Fever Skill Reduction - Legot cant counter it.
Not only are there no counters for these kind of equipments cards but theres nothing equivalent for the mastermind, such as the Personal/Fever CDR, Mastermind doesnt get an equipment card to reduce their bio weapon recharge rate in any way. Only Annette has something but only after she uses her bio weapon and only if she dicides to exit early.
Now the ranting part to certain cards - First off Can someone please explain to me what the Trap Camouflage Card for Mastermind Actually does, I've tested it with friends and in public games and from both experiences its either extremely bugged or just very broken, because in all experiences with my amazing friends, we found there is no visual change in distance or in room lighting, meaning they could still see it from a mile away, and we tested it with Martin, He can still see the pop up to deactivate it so I genually do not understand what this 3 cost equipment card does!!
Trap damage equipment Card (ExM/Lm - Explosive mine / Landmine ) *****
his wasnt very fun but kinda interesting, anyone who doesn't know traps do different amount of damage when you are different distances, ontop of doing different damages at the same distance okay? So if u place a Lm ontop of a survivor 3 times, you may get 290/286/299 it varies but it gets way more weirder. ExM damage should roughly be around 470 - 490 with no buffs or tracker mines, With tracker mines they always go up bu 100 damage.
Soo to slimplify this! (×/×/×) damage values without moving the mine, (×+/×+/×+) Tracker damage increase.
NO Buffs Lm - 290/286/299- 347+/350+/281+
Slightly damage Lm - N/A forgot to test this one
Moderately damage Lm - 334/333 - 412+/401+
Greatly damage Lm - 348/368/380/374 - 412+/401+
Slightly and Greatly Lm - 375/376/318 - 467+/462+/420+
****ExM Damage ***
No buffs No Trackers ExM - 498/499/478 - 598+/588+
Slightly - N/A
Moderately damage Exm - 574/567 - 666+/670+
Greatly Exm - 636/640 - 713+/724+/
Slightly and greatly Exm - 748/718
As you can tell I spent soo long testing and testing and I came to the conclusion if you waste your points on trap damage, at least prioritize ExM instead of Lm.
Now Camera Dirablity, So much Fun woo it wasnt, it was a sad time. We did this with Jill as she has a free double ult, if she has fever on full she gains increased damage towards cameras but if she uses her ulti that gives her a powerful weapon, she loses that passive. Were also testing this with the Quicksilver because I was not that dedicated to torment my friend through all the weapons.
Jill/Mastermind No buffs No Ults Quicksilver - 10 shots Jill Ult Passive 7 shots Jill Ult active (pistol) 3 shots
Unfortunately I've just knowticed the rest of my information got lost so i will make an edit in the future to update this, sorry guys. Just know the difference wasnt huge and the reason this was a problem is because this was all 1 survivor, imagine high players that its 2 or 3 on camera and zombie duty.
The one thing I wanted to get across from this is that Mastermind equipment cards needs to be balanced out in terms of card costs and what there really is, my complaint is that its just too expensive for 15 points it's hard enough to make a deck that wont be easily countered, let alone being able to experiment and enjoy the game. Also I think when u enter a zombie your bio energy recharged is reduced for the duration you enter.
I Find that survivors are much more able to adapt to the mastermind than mastermind can adapt to them, it could help where theres a time for mastermind to set up before the survivors leave the safe room and master minds and since majority of builds have differculty in the first and third area it doesn't help that they can rush out, even if it's just 10s its helps a little bit.
My submission to Upgrades towards Adaptation towards both mastermind and survivor is to make it so theres a hidden passive that activates for both sides depending on how the previous area went.
Survivors*** If the mastermind creatures do × amount of damage done to survivors during area 1 reducing the timer to x before area 2, in area 2 damage by creatures is reduced by 5% or if × amount of time lost from creature attacks in area 1 have time increased from all creatures kills by 2s, or if × amount of explosive damage is done in area 1 and causes time lost by x amount, in area 2 explosives to 5% less damage.
All of these can go up further for area 3 or if x is not met reduces back to normal. Aswell as for survivors you can make it a voting system before the game starts, or a background thing that triggers but keep the trigger anonymous or kinda random in a set amount.
Mastermind**** If the survivors do x amount of damage towards cameras in area 1, in area 2 camera durability is increased by 10%, or if survivors have x amount of time at the end of the area 1, in area 2 all negative time towards survivors is increased by 3s (if not including controlled zombie swipes)
Right now that's done, Maps, Oh yeah I'm Targetting the maps now!
First of Downtown **** What happened, why is it soo unbelievably small, I love the design and how it feels but its tiny compared to the other maps, only good for tutorials but it's terrible for actual games.
Area 1 -
might aswell be a straight line, compare it to Abandon Park area 1, oh boy its rough, it's just soo unbelievably simple and has alot of predictable zombie spawns for any mastermind, the only thing I enjoy about it is that the puzzle isnt in view until the end, making Spencer's passive get some love.
Area 2 -
A curvey line, one you have to backtrack, but much better door management, for those who dont play mastermind, door management is very important as its literally a barrier between survivors and zombies/ traps, making so u have to go through the door or break it open to progress. So it's not that bad for area 2.
Area 3 -
I hate this area, infact I hate this maps but this area favors survivors on a whole new level, okay so did you know you can shoot the bio cores from a distance, making to you dont have to travel up the elevators to damage them, yeah its brutal, into of that all bio cores are heavily exposed to survivors from a variety of angles making it very easy to safe poke from afar, aswell as zombie placement is rough, there always exposed, they always get stuck, they have nowhere to safely spawn, it's just a horrible map okay? The only good thing in this area is how many cameras you can rotate to, unlike the other maps, this has a good amount of cameras.
Also side note, R.I.P Alex's bio weapon as it gets fat shamed far too much.
Research Facility****
Area 1 -
Not bad very nice, unfortunately can see the puzzle pieces off the bat, but it's going to give a mastermind a little bit of time loss from survivors.
Area 2 -
Very good rooms, but we need two camera units in all security terminal rooms, make it so we can custom cameras or have to so theres always a backup.
Area 3 -
Why is there a giant lift which might aswell be the whole area, at least split it up or have it so the mastermind doesn't need to wait 5 yrs to press the button again. Bio cores are very exposed and I'm not the only one who hasn't got a clue where camers are when I switch because I'm trying to turn somewhere I cant turn. Again lack of cameras.
Casino ***
Area 1 -
Loud and fun I like it, large room on east side of map should have a door or make the furthest east side larger as it is again a straight line. Again puzzle exposed early.
Area 2 -
I know where everyone puts 1 security terminal, the stage, also why on earth does Yorick (security guard) have a spawn right next to the exit gate which s also right next to the survivors spawn?? Really? At least give him some cover, he just gets shot over the bar thing, it's sad!
Area 3 -
Always Gamble on the slot machine. PLEASE give me 2 cameras for all rooms and a door for the exit room!! Other than that it's okay
Abandoned Park******
Area 1 -
Perfect room placement, also u cant be interrupted when opening that door you know the one! It's a secret one.
Area 2 -
Hmmm I do not know why theres a track that has no door management I know it runs the theme but you could place a ride door that has a switch only for that map! Or a jump scare as its abandoned and spoookyyy have the lights flicker or something, but for love of games why is there only 1 good room, whyyy, just have it so there are more door managements as fun fact there are only 3 doors and 1 will never be used again after the survivors move, also I find bio weapons just get kited (just move in a direction and you'll win) It need more barriers for again time for masterminds to have time to stock up on anti timer gains.
Area 3 -
I hate the bridges I dont know what exactly does it burn why can survivors shoot through the bars but i cant? Also lack of cameras, and the middle core shouldn't be right next to the exit.
OKAY BOYS were here the end, I'll be complaining about things you may not know or also annoy you, WHY CAN SURVIVORS CAMP IN A IMMORTAL SPOT IN THE FINAL EXIT ALL DAY, okay, so bio weapons cannot hurt them aswell as zombies, infact only Explosive mines can, making it super odd, I know it's to give them the option to exit early, but make it like 1 survivor at a time! They just sit there for their reapawned teammate! It's bad.
Why do you lose bio energy recharge rate when you enter zombie mode - I knowticed the arrow going down once when I left zombie mode.
Why is it so hard to get bio energy for Daniel.
Also am I the only one who believes lickers are far too expensive, hear me out, they get knock backed all the time, they have roughly 3k hp, which for a Samuel is two hits, theres no buffs that they can spawn with, they are very expensive 7/10 bio energy and they are abit dumb; they continuously attack the wall trying to hit survivors but when someone runs past them they'll get very lost, at least have them crawl the wall or something, same with dogs, there cheap though, but bark alot and get stuck, especially in downtown.
A perk or a Ability I'd like to see to counter one of valaries perks or just for fun!! ****
Have it so when a creature successfully attacks a survivor they get a random buff for 30s, it would be nice to have some randomness and a chance to get some buffs without stockpiling your deck with 1 cost annoying buff cards.
Also let me have equipment that gives me more cards either so I have a free rotate for every area on the end (not taking up a spot) or a extra card slot so I can have 5 not 4, or have it so moderators dont take up space and u can only have 1, for area 1, 2 for area 2, and 3 for area 3.
Allow mastermind to discard cards without needing to enteexit them!
Fun Fact did you know lickers will follow Downed players, Creepily, but they will follow them. Also can we get hunters?
Anyways that's my 3hr right up on my mobile complete, Thank you for taking the time to read this and also I appreciate any comments or debates about the situation again I do play this game alot and have spent many hours on both survivor and mastermind, I greatly enjoy playing valerie and Lock door Spencer, I will have to admit that attention does need to go towards Consol Connection abusers, as far on ps4 its stopped me from enjoying a Challenging rank 40+ mastermind only to find them severely abusing the connection to give them a huge advantage.
I really hope this post gets some kind of love but I know I've done my best, I really would love for this game to get way better and I greatly enjoy the unique design and play style for both sides. Also I need to state that I love playing survivor but I needed to post this because even when I play survivor I feels soo unbelievably bad for masterminds, I also want to state I know that making masterminds stronger comes at a risk; All I want from the game devs is so that from both sides is a struggle, I don't want to stop survivors but i do want to feel like I'm given a challenge against all kind of survivors, if there falling behind they gets some buffs, if there too far ahead I get the chance to turn it around, just a chance no guarantee.
I know alot of this game is up to experiment as were given very little information on a lot of in game stuff but again someone tell me what trap Camouflage does :)
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Is the Casino Penthouse worth it? I have the Arcade so I was considering buying a penthouse so I could complete the prep that allows me to see the location of all the security cameras in during the heist.

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Australian casino fined $64,000 after 12-year-old caught on camera gambling

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Casino heist camera glitch

I’m not sure why but every time I try to launch the aggressive approach ( I’m the host) my friends camera gets stuck. The camera is stuck outside the arcade but he can still move and stuff. We tried going through cutscenes like going into the sewers but that doesn’t work. We tried to lower our resolution but that didn’t work. We tried to suicide but instead of restarting it just puts us into free-play. Anyone have any fix? ( I tried to cancel it but I haven’t done all 3 approaches so it doesn’t let me)
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This company provides live dealer games for ignition/bodog/Mybookie.ag/other sites. They are potentially scamming, and the evidence is pretty damming so far. I am doing this so other don't lose their money. I was watching a streamer who figured this out, shout out to Nico. I wanted to post for aware

I have been watching Nicosia2014 a twitch streamer whom has live streamed approx 15k hands of live dealer blackjack (the guy is a god somehow 24 hours stream as well). After completing some math on stream last night with chat and analyzing the 15k hand sample Nico had the dealer has way too high a percentage of up card being a 7,8,9,10,A, the casino dealing shoe appears to be possibly rigged. The casino appears to have the ability to change cards via a remote switch based off the shoe they use called an I-SHOE which scans cards prior to their removal from shoe. This casino also places the first card as a hidden card for dealer that they receive because this is the only card that cannot be controlled. Once that hidden card is placed the machine is able to select the up card which causes players to play perfect basic strat wise, and they will end up busting more. This shoe is available by Scientific games, however this site also has it shown as a cheat device.
I pray that /poker leaves this up for awareness as I know some poker players do hit the pits on occasion. The stream for Nico is small and I wanted this revelation to be known to the wider community that they are potentially cheating. The dealers don't seem to be in on the scam as we could tell. We were also counting all of the shoes and during +20 running counts on many occasions the dealer busted way higher percentage than what is within statistics with these BJ rules. This blackjack provider appears to provide blackjack for a multitude of 3rd party sites like Mybookie.ag and others. I have posted a link to the imgur of the cheat device listed on a cheating website. I will also list the link of scientific games who also provides this I-shoe. The other really funny thing is that if you are a standard consumer you cannot even buy one of these shoes to test out or use/compare that to a cheating rigged shoe. Perhaps these are sent from scientific games rigged with a remote card controller.
The cheating site also describes the shoe like this
"Description Our pro version remote control blackjack shoe can make your winner dream come true.
This remote control blackjack shoe is used with common playing deck and it is translucent which will give other players a sense of reliable.
So, how to play poker tricks with this remote control blackjack shoe?
Inside the blackjack shoe, there is one baccarat poker camera, and a signal transmitter. When the camera read the cards, you can see the image from a monitor, and of course, there is a receiver behind the monitor. You can see the poker suits and point from the monitor. You can see one playing cards at one time.
The remote control is used to exchange the next playing cards and holding the playing cards you don't need.
Compare with another kind of normal playing cards blackjack shoe, this remote control blackjack shoe is the pro version for it has the function of exchanging cards.
And, this poker camera blackjack shoe is not for single use, you can work with your friends.
Related Links"
Note - the more I look at this site jesus christ they have clear acrylic shoes with cameras inside, so many non-obvious methods of cheating. I would be sketched by more online casinos after visiting this site.
streamer whom old VODs show 15k hands of the shoe in use
P.S. The only reason I am doing this for is visibility. I don't think people should get their money scammed from them in an unfair or rigged game. That is bullshit and I want to stop others whom may be down the wrong path. Also when the site was asked why they hide the first dealer card as almost no other casino does online or land based they said " because mah procedure" LOOOOL!
INb4 Costa Rican scam artists INb4 shills say its not rigged
PPS Also this site should make you more aware of what cheat devices exist to better protect yourselves as well. With this stuff on the market I would question most high stakes homes games.
PPSS I also linked a vod of a sequence when they open up the shoe due to a feed error
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My camera got stuck after we started Casino heist, so i did the meme.

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Casino heist camera glitch

I’m not sure why but every time I try to launch the aggressive approach ( I’m the host) my friends camera gets stuck. The camera is stuck outside the arcade but he can still move and stuff. We tried goin through cutscenes like going into the sewers but that doesn’t work. We tried to lower out resolution but that didn’t work. We tried to suicide but instead of restarting it just puts us into free-play. Anyone have any fix? ( I tried to cancel it but i haven’t done all 3 approaches so it doesn’t let me)
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A 12-year-old girl was caught on camera gambling at an Australian casino

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Casino Heist Glitch - Player Camera Bug Loading in

UPDATE 2: Okay so after another wonderful Redditor commented and gave their input we have a second solution that should be better than the previous solution! Just WATCH ALL THE CUT SCENES, do NOT skip the cut scenes and it should work!!!!
UPDATE: So we were finally able to get it to work and have been working consistently thereafter. We firstly reinstalled our games but also I was using the one from the Epic Games store and he was on steam. I bought a copy on steam with the discount that's currently on.
So to conclude the answer to this issue is either reinstall your games or make sure everyone is on the same client for the game (although it probably is the latter).
So for context, my friend and I have been doing 2-4 Casino Heists a day for the past 2-3 weeks of quarantine to get cash and we've had our fair share of glitches. We were able to find solutions that minimized some, however, we have had this reoccurring one for the entire 2-3 week period and cannot find a solution to it.
The glitch occurs when we launch the mission and the camera pans to the crew members leaving the arcade, and some if not all other players are stuck in the background. On top of that their camera will be stuck static at a random point of the camera panning. There's no way to avoid this and it seems random. The host can be affected by this however if the host has it happen it has automatically corrected itself in the past and fixed other players' game states too. To reset it we wait for Lester to end his talking so we can pull our phone out to quit the heist through the jobs menu in the middle of the phone.
Players who are affected cannot move their character until Lester ends his spiel, and when they do the camera still does not move however the player can walk themselves into the static camera's view. We have tried bringing the vehicle over to get the affected players into the next section of the heist, it will give the affected player a new cutscene however just return the camera back to the same place upon the next section loading.
We've done the following: -Changed our resolutions. -Changed our graphics quality settings. -Changed vsync and other minor graphics settings in different combinations. -Changed windowed modes, Fullscreen/Windowed/Fullscreen Borderless in different combinations. -We've invited each other from inside and outside the arcade, in different sessions, in private sessions, in associations and not, all of the above in different combinations. -We've tried to pick different entry and exit points and buyers with no avail.
This happens with parties of 2 to 4 and seems entirely random, we don't know how to minimize this and anyone with similar experiences or possible solutions are welcome to reply! PLEASE HELP!
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Need a fellow first person camera pro for running casino heists (elite).

I regularly run Silent and Sneaky/Big Con (Hard) (never cash). All I do is set up and run those heists. I am able to run them on elite all day. Setting up one of these heists solo takes me around 1hr. I'm looking to transcend to first person locked camera for the extra 50k bonus (on top of the 100k for elite) and need to meet someone who can handle elite first person casino heists with me. I have a lot of money and this endeavor is mostly about the sport of getting lowest times with highest takes. Am willing to give high percentage cuts to able candidates who prove themselves.
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Casinos in Vegas using thermal cameras to scan temperatures

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Camera bug on casino heist.

Is the videogedon arcade the only one that causes the camera bug where right when you start the mission sometimes your camera just stuck looking at the arcade?
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Thermal camera play info. So I live in Vegas and this is the commercial the $BOYD group just put out for reopening their casinos. These are the cameras they are using. No idea if they are the ones $MARK is using.

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Casino Kursaal in Interlaken, Switzerland (Shot on LG V30+ Camera)

Casino Kursaal in Interlaken, Switzerland (Shot on LG V30+ Camera) submitted by jinjanshub09 to pics [link] [comments]

Casino heist camera bug

I've been dealing with this for hours, every time my friend starts the casino heist, I don't appear in the walking out cutscene, and my camera is locked in one spot. We've resorted to him suiciding to reset the mission, which worked the first time on big con. But now we are doing aggressive, and whenever we both hit restart, it just kicks us out and says not enough players. Can anyone explain how to fix this bullshit?
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Casino Heist Loading/Camera Bug

Me and 2 of my friends are trying to do the loud approach for the casino heist but whenever we start, one or both of them don't appear in the short walking out cutscene, and their camera gets stuck, if we restart we get put in another session instead of actually restarting the heist. We've tried to do things such as change their camera into first person mode, enter the sewers, run them over, try getting the cinematic camera in a vehicle, and other such things. We're playing on PC and we have done the heist a few times before. the glitch happend before but usually after a restart it would be normal.
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Casino Heist: does missing the vault camera POIs make a difference for silent & sneaky, and how is important is security intel for big con?

Hey all,
My friend & are setting up our casino heists for the first time. He didn’t have the sense to google anything before he started and didn’t move the cameras for the POIs in the vault scope mission. You can’t redo that one & he can’t cancel because it’s the first run - does anyone know if that will have an effect on Silent & Sneaky?
Also - I’m prepping big con & don’t have a penthouse. Is security intel a game-changer that’s worth 1.5 mil & the time running those missions again as host?
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Girl, 12, caught on camera gambling at Australian casino.

Girl, 12, caught on camera gambling at Australian casino.
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CAMERA CASINO CUSTOM CANVAS WRAPS - YouTube PROMASTER DUALLY CHARGER Camera Casino Demo - YouTube Casino Survilliance Camera - Part 1 - YouTube PHOTO ORNAMENTS @ Camera Casino - YouTube CCTV Camera in Casino/ its worth Seeing - YouTube Sexy caméra cachée -18ans - YouTube Camera Casino - YouTube

lll Jetzt die HD Live Webcam Lübeck - Travemünde - aja Resort ansehen und rund um die Uhr einen fantastischen Ausblick über Travemünde erleben. Camera Casino has the best staff ever! They are so helpful. You will never find staff like Camera Casino has at the big box stores. They are there to answer questions and provide superior... more. S. A. 05/06/11. ALL they employees are fun, friendly, and helpful. They are the best place for neat gifts or any of you photo needs. They have tons of other stuff, but I was only in one area. more ... Die besten Casio Exilim Digitalkameras im Test & Vergleich Unabhängige Testurteile Eine Gesamtnote Die Bestenliste⭐ Testberichte.de **New Hours** Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm Saturday: 9am-4pm Sunday: Closed That year saw the release of the QV-10, the world’s first consumer digital camera with a LCD. We are proud to have developed products that created a new culture of communication, such as the EX-S1, an ultrathin camera that users could carry with them wherever they went to take pictures at any time; the EX-F1, which incorporated a unique, high-speed technology that could capture subjects ... Camera Casino. 439 N. Main Street Oshkosh, 54901 (920) 233-2424 [email protected] Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm Sat 9am-4:30pm Manufacture of innovative new digital cameras, watches, digital keyboard pianos, calculators, projectors, label printers, cash registers, electronic dictionaries. Going from 0 to 1. Oshkosh's largest camera store! Your one-stop shop for cameras, lenses, accessories, and full digital print lab. Welcome to Camera Casino! 1/7. We are now OPEN for ... In diesem Guide zum Casino ausspähen in GTA Online zeigen wir euch alle "Zugangspunkte" und "Orte von Interesse". Explore KAMERA KASINO's 79 photos on Flickr!

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